QUAD (The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) is an informal strategic dialogue between the USA, Japan, Australia and India.

The idea for the QUAD Group is attributed to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who
mooted it in 2007.

However, its origins can be traced back to the 2004 Tsunami when Japan, the US and Australia conducted the relief operation in India and its neighbouring countries.

It came into being presumably as an indirect response to China’s growing economic and military might in the South China Sea. Thus China issued formal diplomatic protests to the members of the QUAD

Due to which Australia backed out from the QUAD followed by an intermission of QUAD.

Currently, QUAD members see the informal alliance as a vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific maritime navigation.QUAD aims for a maritime goal of upholding international maritime laws in China’s maritime borders.

However, the QUAD was reinstated in 2017 by the Trump administration and Prime Minister Abe which was regarded as a response to China’s belt and road initiative.

It also has economic cooperation goals, especially during natural disasters and handling the current
Covid-19 pandemic by producing the vaccine.

On the other hand, China has responded diplomatically warning other nation’s not to join the QUAD alliance as QUAD plus one member.