Shakira is ‘begging’ Tom Cruise to stop hitting on her

  • May 25, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

Shakira and Tom Cruise recently crossed paths at the Miami Grand Prix, but it seems that love is not in the cards for them. According to The Mirror, Tom Cruise was completely smitten by Shakira, the talented singer known for her hit song “The Hips Don’t Lie.” After their meetup, the actor believed that there was a deep connection between them and expressed his desire to explore it further. He even compared his feelings to when he first started dating his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

In an attempt to impress Shakira, Tom Cruise sent her flowers, hoping to win her over. However, sources close to Shakira have revealed a different side of the story. They claim that Shakira was simply being friendly towards Tom and that he was making assumptions in his own head, mistakenly thinking that she shared his romantic interest. While Shakira appreciates his persuasion and finds it flattering, she has made it clear that she is not interested in him romantically.

Despite Tom Cruise’s efforts, Shakira did not feel any attraction or spark towards him. She didn’t want to embarrass or upset him, so she continued to be friendly, but her intentions were purely platonic. Shakira remains uninterested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Tom Cruise, as she does not find him attractive in that way.