Sony unveils new handheld gaming device and gaming earbuds

  • May 26, 2023

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Source: The Daily Star

At the recent PlayStation Showcase, which was a much-anticipated event, Sony took the center stage and announced a number of innovative gaming devices that are sure to please players all over the world. “Project Q,” a long-rumored game streaming device that claims to change the way gamers play their favorite games, was one of the most exciting things that was shown.

Project Q has a small 8-inch screen and controller attachments on both sides, just like the well-known DualSense joystick. This clever design makes it possible for gamers to play their favorite games anywhere, at any time. In The Last of Us, players fight hordes of infected, and in other highly praised games, they go on epic quests. Players will finally be able to enjoy these immersive experiences even from the comfort of their bathrooms. Sony’s Project Q easily stands out from rivals like the Steam Deck, making sure that gaming is smooth and reliable.

Even though we don’t know much about the software on Project Q yet, we hope that the device will have a lot more to give than just the ability to connect to the PlayStation 5 (PS5). Fans are looking forward to the possibility of standalone features, which would let users use the device’s features without having to be constantly connected to their PS5 devices. People have also wondered if the famous PS Now service could be used to stream games, which would make the device even more appealing and useful.

Sony also released a set of cutting-edge, truly wireless earbuds for gamers, in addition to the amazing Project Q. These game earbuds are made to work well with both the PS5 and the PC, and they promise to take the audio experience to a whole new level. Even though there isn’t much known about the earbuds right now, it is believed that they will give players playing their favorite games on the upcoming Project Q and other compatible devices a great audio experience.