Tesla robot seriously injures engineer in factory, reports show

  • December 28, 2023

The 2021 event was found in a list of injuries sent to the authorities. It wrote down that the damage was a “laceration, cut, open wound,” and it named a robot as the “cause object.” Two witnesses told the US tech website The Information that the robot “pushed its claws” into the man’s body and drew blood from his back and arm.

One of the witnesses said that the engineer “left a trail of blood behind him” after another worker pressed the emergency stop button. He was able to get away from the robot and fall down a chute meant to collect scrap metal.

The engineer was designing the software that runs the robots that cut aluminum into car parts when the accident happened, according to The Information.

Two of the robots were turned off, but one was left on by accident. It caught the worker in its claws as it went about its daily business.

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/amp/tesla-worker-injured-by-robot-that-pinned-him-to-wall-with-its-claws-at-car-companys-texas-factory-13038164