BNP congratulates voters for successful election boycott

  • January 7, 2024

Senior leader of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Abdul Moyeen Khan, praised people for not going to the polls on Sunday, saying that their party’s call to skip the “unilateral” general election had been successful. He also told reporters at his home in Gulshan that the people of the country had rejected the Awami League government through this election where no one could vote.

“We don’t believe in any kind of fake or rigged election system that claims to be democratic.” A lot of people call this government an autocratic one. There are also different names for this government. It looks like this government is a democracy, but it’s not. “Governments that act like they are democratic are much more dangerous than governments that are truly authoritarian,” the BNP leader said.

He was afraid that the government and the Election Commission would show a false number of people who voted, like they did in the last two national elections. “But that’s not our business; everyone in the country and the whole world saw how the voters in Bangladesh turned down the election.” He said that many people who supported the ruling party didn’t go to the polls because they were sure that their candidates would win.