Wednesday overtakes Stranger Things to become Netflix’s most watched show of all time

  • June 21, 2023

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Source: UNILAD

Wednesday has surpassed Stranger Things season four as Netflix’s most-watched English-language series. Netflix has published its Top 10 list of TV series and movies by total number of hours viewed since 2021.

However, whereas the more hours viewed meant that longer television episodes and films had an advantage, the streaming behemoth has changed how it picks its most popular material.

The length of the show or movie will now be considered, with popular titles being judged based on their views rather than the amount of hours viewed.

As a result, Tim Burton’s Wednesday has surpassed Stranger Things’ fourth season, which clearly profited from its 13-hour run period, raking in 1.838 billion hour views. Wednesday saw 1.718 billion hours of viewing.