Some villagers in India worship dinosaur fossils in stone as ‘gods’

  • December 21, 2023

Scientists found that people in a village in the Dhar area of Madhya Pradesh had been worshiping dinosaur eggs for years without realizing it. The Narmada Valley area has been linked to the time of the dinosaurs.

The fossilized dinosaur eggs that looked like round stones were part of a custom known as “Kakad Bherav.” The locals were shocked to learn that the stones were not what they seemed to be after giving them coconuts. The discovery was made in December by Dr. Mahesh Thakkar, Dr. Vivek V Kapoor, and Dr. Shilpa, along with two other scientists, during a workshop that looked at the Dinosaur Fossils Park’s research and development work.

When the fossilized dinosaur eggs, which were about 18 centimeters across, were found, the local officials started an investigation. Some of the well-preserved dinosaur eggs are being put on show so that the public can see them, and steps are being taken to protect others.

Source: NDTV