Those who surgically change gender won’t get quota in DU

  • December 23, 2023

People who change their gender surgically will not get admission under ‘Transgender/Hijra’ quota in undergraduate programs of Dhaka University (DU). Apart from women and men, those who are of other sex by birth and nature, will get admission in this quota.

The University Grants Commission, through its 46th Annual Report, recommended special arrangements for higher education of Hijras to the government. DU last academic year (2022-23) introduced a quota called ‘Transgender/Hijra’ for transgenders to ensure access to higher education in undergraduate programs. Students have been opposing this quota since the publication of the admission circular for the academic year 2023-24 on 18 December. They demanded cancellation of this quota or removal of the word transgender from the quota.

Those who have voluntarily transitioned or who identify as a different gender despite having fully female or male body parts and characteristics will not fall under this quota. Those who are of gender diversity other than male and female by birth and nature will fall under this quota if they pass the admission test.