Plane gets stuck under bridge in India, leads to traffic on road

  • January 1, 2024

An airplane being moved from Mumbai to Assam on a trailer truck got stuck under a bridge in the Piprakothi area, which caused a lot of trouble in Motihari, Bihar. The accident happened on Friday, and traffic stopped because the broken-down plane got stuck under the overbridge. People on foot and in cars were seen trying to get around the strange object in a video that went viral. This caused a backup of cars on NH 27.

The accident happened because the truck driver didn’t know how high the bridge was, according to the authorities. In November 2022, a similar thing happened in Andhra Pradesh: a plane got stuck on the underpass of a road in the Bapatla district. This happened in Motihari too.

In the latest accident in Bihar, both the plane and the truck were safely freed, so they could continue their trip to Assam. People from the area and other people who were just passing by gathered to watch the video of the plane stuck under the bridge.