YouTube confirms increase in loading time for ad-blocker users

  • November 22, 2023

YouTube issued the following statement to Business Insider: “Users are encouraged to avoid ad blockers and either allow advertisements or subscribe to YouTube Premium to have advertisements removed entirely.” Additionally, people who use ad blockers may experience a subpar viewing experience. “Advertising is an essential lifeline for our creators, allowing them to run and grow their businesses.” “Therefore, using ad blockers is in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service,” a representative from YouTube explained to Business Insider.

It appeared that YouTube confirmed reports that people using ad-blockers encountered delays of several seconds before they could view a video. According to the Android-based news website Android Authority, people who didn’t use Google Chrome encountered the delays, as seen on Reddit where users reported not facing the issue while using browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Google informed Insider, however, that the delays were observed in all browsers that had ad-blockers enabled.