Apu Biswas to play Sheikh Hasina’s role in upcoming film, takes only Tk100 for it

  • January 15, 2024

Apu Biswas has been in show business for almost twenty years and recently worked with director Salman Haider on an unnamed movie. She has asked for only Tk 100 in payment for this project, in which she will play Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. “Sheikh Russel er Artonad” and “Ami Maa er Kache jabo” are the two names the director has shortlisted. He plans to formally announce the title soon.

Salman Haider told everyone about Apu Biswas’s part in the movie. “In my movie, Apu Biswas will play our respected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as she was in 1972.” The only payment she agreed to for the movie was Tk 100.

The movie will tell the story of Sheikh Russel, who is the youngest member of Bangabandhu’s family. ‘Hasu’ is the name of Apu’s character. There was news in the area that the director said Apu Biswas had at first refused to take payment for the movie. As a sign of respect, she only took Tk100.

Source: https://www.thedailystar.net/entertainment/tv-film/news/apu-biswas-play-sheikh-hasina-upcoming-project-3519711