Man dies after wife punches him for not taking her to Dubai on birthday

  • November 25, 2023

In a shocking tragedy, a 36-year-old man died after he was punched on the nose by his wife after he refused to take her to Dubai for her birthday. The incident went down on Friday at the couple’s apartment, located in an affluent residential society in Pune’s Wanavdi area. The victim was Nikhil Khanna, a businessman in the construction industry, who had a love marriage with his wife, Renuka (38), 6 years ago.

According to a police officer at the Wanavdi Police station, the incident occurred on Friday afternoon. As per the primary investigation, it has been disclosed that the couple had a fight because Nikhil did not take Renuka to Dubai to celebrate her birthday and did not give her pricey gifts on her birthday and anniversary. Renuka was also upset with Nikhil for not giving a positive response to her wish to go to Delhi to celebrate the birthdays of some relatives.” The police further informed that during the fight, Renuka punched Nikhil in the nose. The impact was so hard that Nikhil’s nose and some teeth were broken. After bleeding heavily, Nikhil lost consciousness. Meanwhile, the police have registered a case against Renuka under IPC Section 302 and arrested her for more investigation.

Source: NDTV