Depression moving at 13 km/h in Bay of Bengal may turn into a cyclone

  • October 23, 2023

A deep depression in the western-central Bay of Bengal is currently moving at a rate of 13 kilometers per hour in a north-northeast direction, and experts are suggesting that it has the potential to intensify into a cyclone. The weather department has issued a warning indicating that the depression may continue on its north-northeast trajectory and develop into a cyclone.

As of now, the depression is positioned at a distance of 840 kilometers from Chittagong seaport, 800 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar seaport, and 710 kilometers from Mongla and Payra seaports. The maximum wind speed within a 48-kilometer radius from the center of the depression is 50 kilometers per hour, and this speed could escalate to 60 kilometers per hour if it transforms into a storm.

The weather department has advised distant fishing trawlers and trailers to exercise caution due to the presence of strong winds near the center of the depression. Weather forecaster M. Monwar Hossain has noted that the final confirmation will be available after noon. Some coastal areas have already experienced light rainfall until 9 am today.