EC Anisur is hopeful that over 50 percent voters will vote

  • January 7, 2024

In the 12th parliamentary election, Election Commissioner Md Anisur Rahman said he was hopeful that more than half of the votes would be cast. Following his vote this morning at the Dhaka City College in the city, Anisur spoke about his views. The voting center is in the Dhaka-10 constituency.

When asked about his expectations for the polling turnout, he said, “I hope that more than 50 percent of the votes will be cast.” People are voting for 299 of the 300 seats in the national parliament starting from 8:00 AM. Because a candidate had died, voting in the Naogaon-2 district had to be put on hold. The polls will stay open until 4:00 PM. Over 11,93,33,157 people have registered to vote in the 299 constituencies. There are 6,05,92,169 male voters, 5,87,40,140 female voters, and 848 hijra voters in this group.

Out of the 44 registered parties, 28 are joining the elections, while others, including the BNP and some opposition parties, are boycotting it.

Source: Daily Star