Godzilla x Kong – A Spoiler Free Review

  • April 21, 2024

“Godzilla X Kong” is an electrifying clash of titans that delivers on its promise of epic battles and if you’re expecting next level storytelling, sadly this is not that movie. It is a classic monster flick with world building like the Marvel movies. Directed by Adam Wingard, this instalment in the Monsterverse franchise is a visual extravaganza that brings to life the iconic monsters with breathtaking CGI.

After three previous movies with mixed reviews, this clash of monsters is a breath of fresh air. The return of classic Toho monsters to the series creates epic moments throughout the film.The film balances the spectacle of giant monster fights with human characters. The human side was a bit lacklustre with exceptions of funny moments sprinkled in which was still enjoyable. However, a few characters and stories were introduced which remained a mystery until the end, making it harder for the audience to care about them.

“Godzilla X Kong” pays homage to the cheesy yet exhilarating monster films of the 60s, reminiscent of Toho classics. The standout moments undoubtedly lie within the electrifying fight sequences. Addressing a common critique of the franchise, where monsters were often obscured by darkness or rain, this instalment boldly showcases Godzilla and Kong engaging in epic battles, prominently under daylight, offering a visual feast for audiences.

In the battle for supremacy, audiences are treated to exhilarating action sequences that have been beautifully rendered with CGI which holds a lot of weight and really depicts their scale well while thrashing and bashing across the screen. Seamlessly integrating the monsters into their environments, immersing viewers in the chaos and destruction of the epic showdowns. One can really tell the attention to detail that has been present throughout the film.

Overall, “Godzilla X Kong” is a thrilling cinematic experience that delivers on its promise of larger-than-life monster battles and impressive CGI. The plotline is subpar across the board, but for action movies these days it holds up well enough. Whether you’re a fan of the Monsterverse franchise or just looking for an adrenaline-fueled blockbuster, this film transports us to a time of simpler movies of the past with pure action.

All things considered, I would give it a 7/10.

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